Libro: Learning to See Creatively: Design, Color & Composition in Photography (Updated Edition) por Bryan Peterson

por davidgp el 26/03/2009

Por el momento solamente he leído un libro de Bryan Peterson, Understanding Exposure: How to Shoot Great Photographs with a Film or Digital Camera, y de los pocos libros sobre fotografía que he mirado, sin duda fue el mejor por el momento.

Viendo lo mucho que me había gustado ese libro, y después de saber por varias fuentes que Learning to see creatively es uno de esos libros que se debe leer si te interesa el tema de la fotografía, no tardé mucho en encargarlo en mi tienda de libros favorita.


Almost everyone can “see” in the conventional sense, but developing photographic vision takes practice. Learning to See Creatively helps photographers visualize their work, and the world, in a whole new light.

Now totally rewritten, revised, and expanded, this best-selling guide takes a radical approach to creativity. It explains how it is not some gift only for the “chosen few” but actually a skill that can be learned and applied. Using inventive photos from his own stunning portfolio, author and veteran photographer Bryan Peterson deconstructs creativity for photographers. He details the basic techniques that went into not only taking a particular photo, but also provides insights on how to improve upon it—helping readers avoid the visual pitfalls and technical dead ends that can lead to dull, uninventive photographs.

This revised edition features the latest information on digital photography and digital imaging software, as well as an all-new section on color as a design element. Learning to See Creatively is the definitive reference for any photographers looking for a fresh perspective on their work.

  • New edition of a best-selling title
  • Updated to include digital
  • All new artwork, and a totally revised and expanded text
  • All-new section on color as a design element
  • Written by one of Amphoto’s bestselling authors

Bryan Peterson is an internationally known instructor of photography, a widely exhibited photographer, and a best-selling author. He divides his time between Seattle, WA, and Lyons, France.

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