Joss Whedon analiza el DVD de Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

por davidgp el 17/12/2008

Me encanta la review…

When Amazon asked me to review this movie, I was hesitant, as I’m not too familiar with the genre, and also I made it. But I found Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog quite rewarding, which is to say, if you buy it, I will be rewarded with a small sum of money. But what’s in it for you? A few surprises, I won’t lie. THE SECRET OF ETERNAL YOUTH. The Dark Knight doesn’t have that, does it? A CONTROLLING INTEREST IN EUROPE. Not available with Mama Mia! BEES. Deadly, hideous bees are contained in certain shipments, sorry. We’re trying to control that. But already, a pretty extraordinary disc.

The film itself I didn’t really get. Apparently young people today think it’s okay to make fun of supervillains. In my day we treated them with respect and fear, especially when they were singing. I did like the jokes, except when one man mentioned his secret love appendage to another, which I find crass. But the tunes are very hummable, and many of them ran through my head as I fell asleep before the ending, which I’ll bet was a humdinger. In fact, the whole movie humdinged. I give it forty eight billion stars.

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Uruloki 17/12/2008 a las 10:35 pm

Lo malo es el megaretraso que comentaste el otro día… ¿valdrá la pena esperar a comprarlo cuando salga o se acabará agotando?

David García Pérez 18/12/2008 a las 10:18 am

Felipe, ¿has leído mi corrección a la entrada del otro día?

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