Libro que me han prestado: Misquoting Jesus – The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why por Bart D. Ehrman

por davidgp el 15/08/2008

Mi primera, y creo que única referencia de este libro creo que es el análisis que ha hecho Pedro sobre el mismo. Y la verdad es que me ha entrado la curiosidad, obviamente seguir la historias de todos los posibles cambios traducidos en un manuscrito a lo largo de sus innumerables copias a mano que sufrió durante la historia no debe ser tarea fácil, y su narración debe ser, al menos, entretenida.

De la contraportada

How mistakes and changes shaped the bible we read today.

World-renowned biblical scholar Bart Ehrman reveals the truth behind the many mistakes and changes that can be found throughout the Bible, including the following

  • The King James Bible was based on inferior manuscripts that in many cases do not accurately represent the meaning of the original texts.
  • The favority story of Jesus forgiving the woman caught in adultery (John 8:3-11) does not belong in the bible.
  • Scribal errors were so common in antiquity that the author of the Book of Revelation threatened damnation to anyone who “adds to” or “takes away” words from the text.

Praise for Misquoting Jesus

“Ehrman’s absorbin story, fresh and lively prose, and seasoned insights into the challenges of reacreating the texts of the New Testament ensure that readers might never read the gospels or Paul’s letters the same way again”. –Publishers Weekly (starred review).

“Whichever side you sit on regarding Biblical inerrancy, this is a rewarding read.” –Dallas Morning News.

Bart D. Ehrman chairs the department of religious studies at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. A leading authority on the early church and the life of Jesus, he has been featured in Time magazine and NBC News. He is the author or twenty books and lives in Durham, North Carolina.

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