Artículo sobre Russel T. Davies

por davidgp el 23/06/2008

El New York Times publica un interesante artículo alrededor de Russel T. Davies y su reencarnación del Doctor Who. Esta especialmente centrado en la forma en la que presenta personajes gays

“I often get asked to write dramas or films about a man coming out of the closet to his wife, or a man coming out of the closet to his children, or a man who’s beaten up because he’s secretly gay,” Mr. Davies said. “I always refuse if it’s a negative take on homosexuality — if the only aspect being portrayed is the trouble, the tears and the angst.”

He continued: “There’s enough of that out there. Why bother? Drama is easy when it’s tragedy. Anyone could write a scene of a man crying in the rain saying, ‘I’m sorry.’ But actually it’s much more fun to see a man in a bar trying to pick up another man. That’s tense. There’s a whole minefield of emotions there.”

Vía: TV Squad.

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