Regalo de cumpleaños: Apple Confidential 2.0 por Owen W. Linzmayer

por davidgp el 22/04/2008

Vale, es cierto, de mi cumpleaños ya pasó más de un mes, pero es lo que tiene que te compren las cosas por correo, llegan cuando les da la gana y con retraso.

Ya llevo leído una buena porción del libro, y aunque me reservaré unas opiniones más extensas para más adelante, hay que decir que el libro me esta gustando mucho. Si queréis conocer la historia de Apple, este es un buen comienzo. De todas formas, en 300 páginas no se pueden contar de forma detallada la vida de una compañía que ya tiene sus 30 añitos, y puede que algunas historias os dejen con ganas de saber más detalles.

Apple Confidential 2.0

De la contraportada

Apple Confidential 2.0 chronicles the best and the worst of Apple Computer’s remarkable story. Follow the company as it grows from upstart media darling to industry-leading powerhouse, falters under a series of disastrous executive decisions, takes its licks as technology whipping boy, and rebounds to profitability through innovation.

This substantially revised second edition contains over 60 pages of new material, including several completely new or greatly revised chapters, as well as hundreds of fresh photos, illustrations, quotes, and timelines.

Get the inside scoop on the people who made Apple an icon:

  • The forgotten founder who walked away from a half a billion dollars.
  • The CEOs who oversaw the company’s rise, fall and resugence.
  • Steve Wozniak’s adventures, including US Festivals and Wheels of Zeus.
  • Steve Jobs’ experiences in exile at NeXT and Pixar, plus his triumphant return to Apple.
  • Jonathan Ive’s brilliance as the industrial designer of the revolutionary iMac and iPod

An full coverage of the products that blazed a trail of innovation

  • The trials and tribulations of creating the original Macintosh
  • Details of the development of the Apple I, II and III, Lisa, Mac clones, Mac OS X, Newton, NeXT, and Windows
  • How the iPod and iTunes are rocking the music world.
  • A comprehensive timeline of every Macintosh model ever realesed and an extensive list of secret product code names.

By diggin into forgotten archives, interviewing key players, and reading virtually everything ever written about Apple, Linzmayer separates fact from fiction to present the definitive history of the world’s most colorful company. Whether you’re a Mac fanatic, an Apple enthusiast, or a business or technology history buff, you’ll find that Apple confidential 2.0 is one of the most entertaining and informative books you’ll read this year.

Owen Linzmayer is a San Francisco-based user-interface designer and freelance writer who has coverd Apple Computer for over two decades. He is the author of four Macintosh-related books and has contributed to every major Apple II and Macintosh publication.

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