#4 After Dark por Haruki Murakami

por davidgp el 28/01/2008

Pedro ya me había dicho que le había gustado mucho y a mí realmente me ha encantando. Una historia sacada de un solo momento de una noche. Una noche donde la vida de varias personas se cruza. Personajes que no acaban de encajar en la sociedad actual, otros que buscan un sentido a sus vidas, otros en pleno proceso de cambio y otros simplemente intentando terminarlas lo más dignamente posible.

Un libro que se comienza a leer y no se puede para hasta llegar a la última página, la única pega, es que Murakami no lo hubiese hecho más largo para disfrutarlo más tiempo.

De la contraportada

“A warning to new readers of Murakami: You will become addicted… His newst collection is as enigmatic and sublime as ever”

Jenna Krajeski, San Francisco Chronicle

“Widly varied, [yet] the tales seem to speak with one, very seductive, voice… Over the years, he has developed an sustained a remarkably disctinctive narrative tone: calm, wry, intimate, gently interrogative.”

Terrence Rafferty, The New York Times Book Review

“Whimsical, magical, daring… The best of these [stories] linger far beyond the reading, creating an aura about the world that for many of us just wasn’t presented before.”

Alan Cheuse, Chicago Tribune

“A virtousic demonstration of Murakami’s incredible range… Thrilling, funny, sad, moving, sacry-all at once. Since 1980, the year Haruki Murakami wrote his first short story, the Japanese author has been a walking definition of genius… He is a master of tone [who] can manipulate a reader’s curiosity at will.”

John Freeman, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“Chance on this writer, and you’re lucky… Each of these tales is delightfully entertaining, a pleasure to read and to ponder… And believe me, they do stick with you, creeping back into consciousness at the oddest moments, giveing rise, quite out of the blue, to yet another surprising insight.”

Lee Makela, Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Murakami effortlessly conjures modern fairy tales that dazzle… These stories are full of wisdom, wrenching us into understanding our innermost impulses by confronting us with the unexpected.”

Geoffrey Bateman, Rocky Mountain News

Mysterious and evanescent… [A] dexterous story collection that illustrates the range and viatality of the genre.

Jennifer Reese, Entertainment Weekly

As beautiful and metaphysical as anything Murakami, an artist who’s at the top of his form, has offered.

Dan Lopez, Time Out New York

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