Libro que me han prestado: Field Notes from a Catastrophe por Elizabeth Kolbert

por davidgp el 02/01/2008

Este es el primer libro que cae en mis manos sobre el tema del calentamiento global y las consecuencias que podría tener para el futuro del planeta. Ya me he leído unas 10 páginas del mismo, y por el momento me ha gustado bastante… a ver si mi opinión sigue igual para cuando lo termine.

Field Notes From A Catastrophe

De la contraportada

‘The hard, cold, sobering facts about global warming and its effects on the environment that sustains us, Kolbert’s Field Notes from a Catastrophe is nothing less than a Silent Spring for our time’ T.C. Boyle

‘A riveting view of the apocalypse already upon us. Kolbert mesmerises with he poetic cadence as she closes the coffin on the arguments of the global-warming sceptics’ Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

‘Reading Field Notes during the 2005 hurricane season is what is must have been like to read Silent Spring in 1960s. When you put down this book, you’ll see the world through different eyes’ Sylvia Nasar, author of A Beautiful Mind

‘for the planet we live on, the changes now unfolding are of a kind and scale that have not been seen in thousands of years – not since the retreat of the last ice age. In Field Notes from a Catastrophe, Elizabeth Kolbert gives us a clear, succinct, and invaluable report from the front. Even if you have followed the story for years, you will want to read it. And if you know anyone who still does not understand the reality and hte scale of the global warming, you will want to give them this book’ Jonathan Wainer, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Beak of the Finch

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