Libros que me han prestado: Thief of Time por Terry Pratchett

por davidgp el 24/08/2007

Y aquí tenéis el segundo libro sobre MundoDisco que me prestó PJorge.

Thief of Time - Terry Pratchett

De la contraportada

Time is a resource. Everyone knows it has to be managed.

And on Discworld that is the job of the Monks of History, who store it and pump it from the places where it’s wasted (like underwater – how much times does a codfish need?) to places like cities, where there’s neve enough time.

But the construction of the world’s first truyle accurate clock starts a race against, well, time for Lu Tze and his apprentice Lobsang Ludd. Because it will stop time. And tha will only be the start of everyone’s problem.

Thief of Time comes complete with a full supporting cast of heroes and villains, yetis, martial artists and Ronnie, the fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse (who left before they became famous).

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eduo 24/08/2007 a las 3:01 pm

Por alguna razón Thief of Time siempre me acelera cuando lo leo. Tal vez sea como imagino el “slicing”, la idea de los “procastrinators” o las escenas del clímax que se me antojan perfectas para tomas de acción trepidante.

Siempre sin olvidar la Regla Número Uno, claro.

David García Pérez 24/08/2007 a las 4:32 pm

Muy bien, lo habéis conseguido… nada más regresar de Amsterdam me pongo a leer Terry Pratchett

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