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por davidgp el 22/08/2007

Parece que Firefly no se quiere marchar todavía de los medios. Su último intento de conseguir convencer a otro estudio de que continúen la serie viene de mano de la edición de coleccionista de la película Serenity. Acaba de salir a la venta, y ya está de número cuatro de los dvds más vendidos en Amazon Bestsellers

Y realmente no me extraña, la edición de coleccionista de la película viene más que cargada de extras (información sacada de DVD Talk)


  • “Fanty and Mingo” (2:25)
  • “Mal Inara Wave” (2:25)
  • “Mal and Operative in Companion Training House” (0:50)
  • “Mal and Inara Shuttle Improv” (1:00)


  • “Future History: The Story of Earth That Was” (4:31)
  • “What’s in a Firefly” (6:32)
  • “Re-Lighting the Firefly” (9:40)
  • “A Filmmaker’s Journey” (19:53)
  • “Take a Walk on Serenity” (4:06)
  • “The Green Clan” (3:07)
  • “Sci-Fi Inside: Serenity” (21:45)


  • “Session 416” (8:00)
  • “We’ll Have a Fruity Oaty Good Time” (1:38)


  • Writer/director Joss Whedon
  • Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion (Mal), Adam Baldin (Jayne), Summer Glau (River), and Ron Glass (Book)

Mal en serenity

Si queréis saber más detalles, es muy recomendable el análisis del dvd hecho por DVD Talk.

“We have done the impossible, and that makes us mighty.”

As the credits rolled the first time I saw Serenity, I found that I was not simply entertained by an exciting adventure … I was inspired. Based on everything I have come to know and expect from the Hollywood machine, this film should not exist, and yet here it is. This simply does not happen, and it took some time for me to collect my awe and exit the theater after that first viewing. But the victory is not confined to the film’s existence, for this is much more than some average little film made to appease the niche fans of a cancelled television series. This is a film for the masses, a bona fide kickass movie with wide-reaching appeal that will hopefully make it to the countless unaware viewers who would almost certainly enjoy it as much as the rest of us have. If you don’t own the first version of this DVD, then my recommendation is a no-brainer, as I enjoyed this every bit as much as the first time I saw it. If you’re wondering whether to purchase another one, however, I’d suggest that the DTS track, the cast commentary, and the “Filmmaker’s Journey” featurette are all worth owning, and the price point is reasonable enough to once again rate this title as Highly Recommended.

Mal en Serenity

Para el mes probablemente la compre, esta bastante barata en Amazon y además hay que aprovechar que el dólar está tan bajo con respecto al euro.

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