Libro que me han prestado: The Well of Lost Plots por Jasper Fforde

por davidgp el 08/08/2007

Hace unos días que leí el segundo libro de la saga de Thursday Next, y me encantó, el problema es que la historia queda sin terminar, lo cual me obliga a leer el tercero lo antes posible, menos mal que me lo han prestado.

The Well of Lost Plots

De la contraportada (cuidado, tiene spoilers del segundo libro)

Jasper Fforde has gone where no fictioneer has gone before. Millions of readers now follow.’ Guardian

Leaving Swindon behind her, to hide out in the Well of Lost Plots -the place where all fiction is created- Thursday Next, Literary Detective and soon-to-be one parent family, ponders her next move inside an unpublished novel of dubious merit entitled Caversham Heights. Her husband, Landen, exists only in her memories and with Goliath and the Chronoguard on her tail in the real world, the safest palce for her to be is inside the covers of a book.

But changes are afoot within the world of fiction. The much-awaited upgrade to the centuries-old book system -in which grammasites will be exterminated, punctuation standardised and the number of possible plots incrased from eight to an astonishing thirty-two- is only weeks away. But if this is the beginning of a golden age in fictionial narrative, then why are Jurisfiction agents mysteriously dying? Perins is eaten by the minotaur, Snell succumbs to the Mispeling Virus and Godot is missing.

As the date of the upgrade looms closer and the bookworld prepares for the 923rd Annual Fiction Adwards, Thursday must unmask the villian responsible for the murders, establish just what exactly the upgrade entails -and do battle with an old enemy intent on playing havoc with her memories.

‘Douglas Adams would be proud.’ Scotsman on Lost in a Good Book

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Andrew Hopkins 08/08/2007 a las 3:35 pm

I can do a blog on your website? how much it will cost?

David García Pérez 08/08/2007 a las 3:53 pm

No, you cann’t…

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