Nasa Shuttle Program = Un error

por davidgp el 29/09/2005

Que el Nasa Shuttle Program fue un error no lo digo yo, sino uno de los administradores actuales de la Nasa, Michael Griffin, en unos comentarios al periódico americano: USA Today:

The space shuttle and International Space Station — nearly the whole of the U.S. manned space program for the past three decades — were mistakes, NASA chief Michael Griffin said Tuesday.


Asked Tuesday whether the shuttle had been a mistake, Griffin said, «My opinion is that it was. … It was a design which was extremely aggressive and just barely possible.» Asked whether the space station had been a mistake, he said, «Had the decision been mine, we would not have built the space station we’re building in the orbit we’re building it in.»

Vía: Slashdot.


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