La camiseta declara la verdad

por davidgp el 29/09/2005

Camiseta de Joss Whedon is my Master NowScott Kurtz, creador de la tira cómica: «Joss Whedon is my Master Now» y de la camiseta basada en ella, ya ha visto Serenity y la crítica que hace de ella no podría ser mejor:

Serenity reminds you why the 1977 release of Star Wars captured your imagination in the first place and truly cements how stiff and boring the prequel movies truly are.

Fans of the series will not be disapointed. I can’t separate myself from my love for these characters, so I can’t venture a guess how people going into this movie cold will react to it.

So far, everyone I know who has seen it and NOT watched the television show have loved it. There’s a lot to love.

Thanks Joss!

Vía: PJorge (espero que no le importe que le copiase el título).


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