Dos regalos navideños

por davidgp el 16/12/2009

Pjorge me ha mandado mis dos primeros regalos navideños. De entrada tenemos el libro Landscape Photography Secrets. De Tom Mackie ya había leído el libro The Digital SLR Expert Landscapes, en el cual colaboraba escribiendo un capítulo. En esta ocasión el libro se centra en su etapa analógica, explicando los motivos y intenciones de cada foto. La descripción del libro:

Learn how to take the best landscape photographs possible with this spectacular book from world renowned photographer, Tom Mackie.With the sophistication of camera equipment today, taking a regular photograph is relatively straightforward. But taking a photograph that will have more drama and impact than others requires much greater insight.Rather than simply concentrating on techniques, Mackie breaks down all the different sub-genres of landscape photography and examines the challenges and particular processes involved with each specific environment.From the white sand beaches of Aruba, to the snow-capped peaks of the Alps, each chapter is beautifully illustrated by Mackie’s best images, alongside detailed captions that explain exactly how each image was achieved.

Tom Mackie spent the first five years of his career as an industrial photographer in Los Angeles. He then began photographing landscapes in the western US, and since settling in the UK in 1985 has established an international reputation, receiving numerous awards for his work. He lives near Norwich.

Y como segundo regalo me cayó lo mejor de Torchwood, los dvds de su tercera temporada:

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Pjorge 16/12/2009 a las 4:45 pm

Tercera 🙂

davidgp 16/12/2009 a las 4:48 pm


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