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por davidgp el 01/01/2009

It’s now 10:00pm est, I’ve completed my umpteenth viewing of the first and second episodes of LOST’s fifth season and in a strange sense I wish I hadn’t seen them. Why? Because, first of all my hiatus has been extended by a week. Getting an early glimpse is great, but now I have to live with knowing that my steady stream of LOST goodness won’t settle into a regular rhythm until January 28th. Worse than that, though, is the fact that these episodes were so damn good, the wait is going to be infinitely more agonizing than it should be. Waiting for LOST is bad enough, as we all know, waiting when you know first hand that LOST has returned in top form, better than ever, to brighten up a blighted tvscape like a literal beacon of hope… well, direct me to the nearest cryostasis chamber – I’d like to sleep the next four-weeks off.

Docartz & Friends – Lost 5.01 “Because You Left” & 5.02 “The Lie” – My Review.

Yo por si acaso solamente he leído ese párrafo que parece que tiene un montón de spoilers lo que viene a continuación.

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