Pantallas táctiles en teléfonos móviles

por davidgp el 28/08/2008

Interesante artículo sobre las pantallas táctiles en The Phone Arena, tal vez un poco más de información sobre la historia de las pantallas táctiles no estuviese nada mal.

The father of the touchscreen technology is Dr. Samuel Hurst. In 1971, while he was working as an instructor at the University of Kentucky Research Foundation, he had to read a great volume of information during the graduation exams and it took whole two months so that two students could graduate. In an effort to save some time he invented the first touch sensor that he called „Еlograph” (electronic graphics), which allowed him to enter data faster. Alongside with this invention the company „Elographics” was born (known today as Elo TouchSystems). This device was not transparent as today’s sensors are, but this achievement was a big move towards the modern touchscreen. Three years later, in 1974, Dr. Hurst designed the first transparent touchscreen, and in 1977 Elographics invented and patented the 5-wire resistive technical method, which is still the most widely used one today.

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