Por qué un segundo piloto para Dollhouse no es mala idea

por davidgp el 21/08/2008

I know you’re concerned that Joss Whedon is making a new pilot for his mind-wiped puppet show Dollhouse, and turning the original pilot into the second episode. What if this ruins the show before it starts? But you can forget that worry, almost as if a high-tech device had erased it from your mind to make way for a new personality. We’ve looked at both pilot scripts, and the original pilot really does work way better as a second episode. Spoilers ahead.

So as you’ve probably heard, Whedon’s original pilot sets in motion a ton of subplots and launches a bunch of character arcs, which we all hope will play out over the course of seven (or twenty) years. And the new pilot is much more straightforward. It just introduces the idea that Echo (Eliza Dushku) is an empty vessel, who can be programmed to “be” anybody and have any skills.

io9: Why Dollhouse’s Original Pilot Will Make A Better Second Episode

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