Nueva adquisición: The Cathedral & The Bazaar por Eric S. Raymond

por davidgp el 16/06/2008

Sobre este libro me enteré viendo el documental Revolution OS, donde una de las personas que salían entrevistas era precisamente el autor de este libro, Eric S. Raymond. Me pareció interesante lo que contaba, así que terminé comprando el libro.

The Cathedral & The Bazaar

De la contraportada

Open Source – The Competitive Advantage in the Internet Age

The Cathedral and the Bazaar is a must read for anyone who cares about the future of the computer industry or the dynamics of the information economy. Eric Raymond’s persuasive manifesto defining the open source revolution has helped propel this collaborative approach to software development into the mainstream. As corporrations continue to adopt technologies like Linux, Apache, and Perl, open source is proving to be the competitive advantage in the Internet Age.

“Is it ‘okay’ to use the word ‘charming’ in a blurb about a techie book? I hope so! This book is charming! Has charm. It is wonderful, witty and, ultimately, wise. It is an inside look at the way software -which is reinventing our world- is created. You’ll love the characters! (Or, at least, be charmed by them.) And, among other things, you’ll never think about the word ‘hacker’ in the same way again. This is not a ‘geek book.’ This is a book for all of us!” – Tom Peters, author of In Search of Excellence.

“Open source has the feel of a classic industry disruption in the making. The Cathedral and the Bazaar will be highly informative for anyone seeking to understand the impact of this movement.” – Clayton Christense, Professor, Hardvard Business School author of The Innovator’s Dilema: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail.

“The Internet is no just another means to reach customers; it’s a way to leverage every aspecto of your business. This book teaches you how the opne-source development model leverages the Internet. You can’t afford to not read this if you plan to do business in the next century.” – Larry Auguistin, founder and Chairman, VA Linux Systems.

“The Cathedral and the Bazaar is a watershed declaration of independence that belongs in the library of anyone who cares about the past and future of software development.” – Brian Behlendorf, co-founder, Apache Server Project.

Eric S. Raymond is an observer/participant anthropologist in the Internet hacker culture. His research has helped explain the decentralized open-source model software development that ahs proven so effective in the evolution of Linux and the Internet. His own software projects include one of the Internet’s most widely used transport programs. Mr. Raymond’s Web site contains a wealth of information on open source software

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