Libro que me han prestado: Forty Signs of Rain por Kim Stanley Robinson

por davidgp el 22/05/2008

Este es el primer libro de la última triología de Kim Stanley Robinson sobre un futuro donde las consecuencias del cambio climático empiezan a ser más drásticas. Curiosamente hace un par de días escuché una entrevista al autor donde habla de la saga. La verdad es que lo vendió bastante bien.

Kim Stanley Robinson - Forty Signs of Rain

De al contraportada

‘A funy, convincin, intelligent book’ – Independent.

Working from home, distracted by 18-month-old Joe, Charlie Quibler drafts environmental policy for the onloy Senator in the capital who professes an interest in green issues. Catastrophic climate change is not high on the President’s list of things to do something about.

It’s a steamy summer in Washington DC. An embassy from Khembalung, an island nation in the Bay of Bengal, arrives to lobby the Senate for aid. The ambassador, whose homeland is actually sinking, takes the weather as seriously as Charlie. And there is one thing they both understand.

It’s easier to destry the world than to change capitalism even one little bit. But the weather might just do it for them.

Forty Signs of Rain is an unforgettable tale of survival which captures a world where even the innocent pattern of rainfall resounds with the destiny of the biosphere.

‘An absorbing narrative – Robinson’s message to us all is challenging and urgent’ – Guardian.

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