Libro que me han prestado: Redesigning Humans por Gregory Stock

por davidgp el 20/05/2008

Leyendo de que va el libro uno realmente empieza a pensar en la película Gattaca. La idea que plantea el libro es la misma, un futuro donde puedas escoger que genes y cuales no llevarán tus hijos. Curioso, nunca pensé que el tema de la genética me iba a interesar tanto, este ya es el cuarto libro que pasa por mis manos.

Redesigning Humans por Gregory Stock

De la contraportada

‘Redesigning Humans’ advocacy of DNA-improved human destinies reveals the compassionate side of science.’ James Watson, Nobel Laureate, co-discoverer of the structure of DNA, first director of the Human Genome Project.

‘Even though the prospecto of altering human heredity is a subject of enormous scientific and ethical importance, and looms as a near-horizon prospect, it has been underemphasized in research and largely neglected by publich philosophers. Stock provides us with a clearly written and balanced briefing that deserves special attention.’ Edward O. Wilson, author of The Future of Life. Pulitzer prize-winner, and professor of biology at Harvard University.

‘Gregory Stock’s intellectual brilliance has brought us a wonderful book that is fascinating to read and that everyone needs. And his style is fluent and attractive. Whether or not you share his vision of the future, this book will enthral you.’ Sherwin Nuland, author of How We Live.

‘Gregory Stock provides a comprehensive, highly readable llok at the soon-to-be-realized ability of scientist to alter and enhance the genes that parents give to their children during reproduction. Stock takes a refreshingly new view of this technology. This is an important book about a technology that could alter the human race and one that will be upn us much sooner than most people think.’ Lee Silver, Professor of Biology at Pricenton Unviersity, author of Remaking Eden.

‘Whether or not you agree with Stock’s provocative vision of the human future, you will come away with a deepened understanding of the immense challenges ahead.’ Alvin Toffler, author of Future Stock, the Third Wave, and War and Anti-War.

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