Libro que me han prestado: Making Sense por Julian Baggini

por davidgp el 16/05/2008

Interesante propuesta del filósofo y escritor Julian Baggini. ¿Cuál es la filosofía detrás de los titulares?, o casi más bien, ¿Cómo aplicar las reglas de la filosofía a nuestra realidad actual?.

Making Sense por Julian Baggini

De la contraportada

In this stimulating book, Julian Baggini examines the philosophical issues and disputes that lie behind the news headlines. We read about what is happening in the world, but how do we know what the thruth is, or whether there is on ‘truth’ at all? A president has his private sexual affairs discussed and analysed by everyone, but is someone’s private life a proper moral concern of others? A ‘war’ against terrorism is declared, but what justifies the use of armed forces withs its inevitable loss of life?

Baggini draws out these philosophical disputes and shows how we can use the techniques of philosophy and the insights of its greatest practitioners to understand the issues behind the headlines. He explores the role of philosophy in showing both the limits and the reach of philosophical analysis of current affairs, arguing that applying philosophy to news stories can and should inform our wider understanding of what we know, believe, and value.

‘a compelling narrativa that challenges how we make sense both of the world around us and of our own beliefs.’ – Publishing News

‘In this execellent book, Baggini takes ten news stories from recent years and uses them to illustrate a constructive relationship between philosophy and real life… The key point is that the philosophy has a valuable part to play in deciphering the media, and that media can show us which of our intellectual tools are really useful. A pudding proved, in this case, in the eating.’ – Good Book Guide.

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