El día que murió la música – o como Microsoft dice que mejor no le compréis música a ellos

por davidgp el 06/05/2008

Pedro enlaza el divertido artículo de Mark Pilgrim, The Day the Music Died (en clara alusión a la canción American Pie). Pilgrim, con una envidiable ironía, analiza la situación en la que Microsoft ha decidido que un montón de personas, que han comprado música legalmente, ya no las pueden escuchar más

The Microsoft music player will then conclude, incorrectly but steadfastly, that the music files were downloaded illegally and that the victim is a filthy pirate, and it will refuse to play them. In this case, the left hand knows exactly what the right hand is doing: they’re both giving you the finger.

Pero el texto viene cargado con más detalles divertidos. Sobre el cifrado de cosas

Bruce Schneier, a famous cryptologist — or at least as famous a cryptologist as cryptologists are likely to get in this century — once described attempts to make digital bits uncopyable as “trying to make water not wet.”

sobre el country

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) — to whom I donate money every year because they are the digital embodiment of Tom Lehrer’s description of folk singers as “the people who get up on stage and come out in favor of all the things that everyone else in the audience is against, like peace and justice and brotherhood and so on”

sobre iTunes

To their credit, if that’s the right word, you can now purchase some music from the iTunes store that is unencrypted and plays anywhere. Apple calls these songs “iTunes Plus”, because it sounds so much better than calling everything else “iTunes Minus.”

y sobre la risa

As you might expect, the EFF is just bursting with joy at the prospect of rubbing salt in the wound and saying “I told you so.” This is their “I told you so” letter. I would join in their jubilation, but frankly I’m tired of being right all the time. It was fun for a while, but now it’s just depressing.

Parece que Microsoft se esta esforzando en convencer a todo el mundo que comprar música por Internet no es una buena opción.

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