Libro que me han prestado: Letter to a Christian Nation por Sam Harris

por davidgp el 11/04/2008

Aunque el título del libro pueda indicar que se dirige a todos los cristianos, esta especialmente indicado para la gente que se denomina cristiana de derechas de Estados Unidos. El autor, ateo, después de escribir el libro The End of Faith recibió un montón de correspondencia bastante agresiva en contra de lo que contaba en su ensayo. Decidió escribir esta larga carta o corto libro, como prefiráis llamarlo.

Letter to a Christian Nation - Sam Harris

De la contraportada

«It’s a shame that not everyone in this country will read Sam Harris’s marvelous little book. They won’t, but they should.» – Leonard Susskind, professor of theoretical physics, Stanford Univesity, author of The Cosmic Landscape.

«Reading Harris’s Letter to a Christian Natian was like sitting ringside, cheering the champion, yelling ‘Yes!’ at every jab. For those of us who feel drepressed by this country’s ever increasing unification of church and state, this little book is a welcome hit of adrenaline.» – Marc Hauser, professor of psychology, biology, and biological anthropology, Harvard University, author of Moral Minds.

«Sam Harris’s elegant little book is most refreshing and wonderful source of ammunition for those who, like me, hold to no religious doctrine. Yet I have some sympathy also with those who might be worried by his uncompromising stance. Read it and form your own view, but do not ignore its message.» – Roger Penrose, emeritus professor of mathematics, Oxford University, author of The Road to Reality.

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