Regalo de cumpleaños: Nature and the Greeks and Science and Humanism por Erwin Schrödinger

por davidgp el 19/03/2008

Otro regalo de cumpleaños, de esta vuelta de parte de C.P. y María. Ya me he leído la introducciónde Penrose, y ver una descripción de como veían tanto el mundo los griegos con sus conocimientos de ciencia y que nos aporta la ciencia a la humanidad desde los ojos de Erwin Schrödinger (sí, el del gato), ya estoy deseando terminar con el libro que tengo entre manos para ponerme con este.

Nature and the Greeks and Science and Humanish por Erwin Schrödinger

Nobel laureate Erwin Schorödinger was one of the most distinguished scientist of the twentieth century; his lectures on the history and philosophy of science are legendary. ‘Nature and the Greeks‘ and ‘Science and Humanism’ makes available for the first time in many years the text of two of Schrödinger’s most famous lecture series. Nature and teh Greeks offers a comprehensive historical account of the twentieth-century scientific world picture, tracing modern science back to the earliest stages of Western philosophic thought. Science and Humanisn addresses some of the most fundamental questions of the century: what is the value of the scientific research; and how do the achievements of modern science affect the relationship between material and spiritual matters? A foreword by Roger Penrose stes the lectures in a contemporary context, and affirms that they are as relevant today as when they were first published.

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