Regalo de cumpleaños: Stolen Continents, 500 Years of Conquest and Resistance in the Americas por Ronald Wright

por davidgp el 14/03/2008

Una amiga me ha mandado este libro como regalo de cumpleaños. La verdad es que estuve mirando de donde lo había sacado para meterlo en mi lista de los deseos de Amazon, pero no lo he encontrado. Obviamente, después de haber leído tanto libro de Galeano, mi interés por la historia del nuevo continente ha crecido bastante, este libro se muestra ideal para satisfacer mi curiosidad.


Stolen Continents por Ronald Wirght

De la contraportada

“Among the most useful, most interesting, best informed, and most wrenching reflections yet inspired by… Columbus’s voyage.” – Boston Globe

An international bestseller, Stolen Continents is a history of the Americas unlike any other. This fascinating volume chronicles the conquest and survavil of five great American cultures – in their own words. Ronald Wright gives voice to Aztec, Maya, Inca, Cherokee, and Iroquois, quoting thei authentic speech and writing and illuminating their unique views of history. Through thei eloquent words, we relive their strange, tragic experiencies – including, in a new afterword, incidents that bring us into the twenty-first century. Covering the more than five hundred years since Europeans first set foot in the New World, Wright weaves together contemporary accounts with his own incisive historical narrative to create an indispensable record, one that is powerful, vivid, and accurate.

“Fine and thought-provoking” – Washington Post

“A magnificent feat of research, writing, and perception-adjustment… Makes history come alive.” – Seattle Times

“Excelent… Redress the balance between the invaders and the invaded.” – Sunday Times (London)

Ronald Wright has written many acclaimed books of nonfiction and fiction, including Stolen Continents, which won the Gonder Montador Award, and the novel A Scientific Romance, which was selected as a New York Times Notable Book.

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