Regalo de cumpleaños: "Ad Infinitum" por Nicholas Ostler

por davidgp el 12/03/2008

A Pjorge le ha parecido tan interesante como a mi un libro que cuenta la historia del latín, desde su nacimiento hasta su muerte, así que ha decidido regalarmelo por mi cumpleaños.

Ad Infinitum - Nicholas Ostler

De la contraportada

Praise for Nicholas Ostler’s Empires of the Word:

‘A compelling read, one of the most interesting books I have reead in a long while. Ostler does not adopt a narrowly linguistic approach but instead looks at the history of languages, the reasons for their rise and, as a rule, also their fall. While it is a history of languages, it is also a history of the cultures and civilisations from which they sprang… This is a great book. After reading it you will never think of language in the same way again – and you’ll probably think of the world, and its future, in a rather different way too’


‘Learned and entertaining… remarkably comprehensive as well as thought-provoking.’


‘This richly varios book offers new insights and information for almost everyone interested in the past’


‘A serious work of scholarship, but one that can be read from cover to cover by tha amateur enthusiast… the breadth of this analysis is breathtaking’


‘What an extraordinary odyssey the author of this superb work embarked upon… masterly’


‘The sheer sweep of analysis is breathtaking… Empires of the Word sparkles with arcane knowledge, sherewd perceptions and fresh ideas… All this, and a thousand other points, large and small, is cause for gratitude – and more than a little awe.’


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anso 12/03/2008 a las 2:33 pm

😐 Parece interesante… ¡¡¡lo quiero!!!

Sergio aka Alcaudon 12/03/2008 a las 11:53 pm

Buenas Deivid jijijiji… aunque sea con cierto retraso, mandarte mis delicitaciones por llegar a los treinta… quien nos lo iba a decir… q llegariamos a esta edad xDDDD
Un saludo y un abrazo mu grande!!!

David García Pérez 13/03/2008 a las 8:33 pm

Muchas gracias Sergio… si, quien lo iba a decir 😉

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