Libro que me han prestado: A Short History of Progress por Ronald Wright

por davidgp el 12/02/2008

Por lo que pone en la contraportada la historia que cuenta el libro es cuanto menos curiosa. Usando el ejemplo de antiguas civilizaciones que en su cumbre de progreso desaparecieron hace reflejo de que eso mismo puede pasar a nuestra sociedad actual.

A Short History of Progress

De la contraportada

Have we learnt the lessons of the past – or will we be next?

Many of the great ruins that grace the deserts and jungles of the earth are monuments to civilisations which fell victim to their own success: from Easter Island’s monolithic wilderness to the perpetual silence of the Mayan ruins and ultimately to today’s melting ice caps and growing ozone hole, the cycle has continually repeated itself across the years.

«Unfailingly provocative and scarily persuasive.» – Scotsman

«The author sifts the findings of archaeology and anthorpology with thoughtful grace to build a potent argument.» – Guardian

«I was thoroughly shake up by Ronal Wirght’s A Short History of Progress, a brilliant analysis of everything humanity has done to ruin itself down the ages». – Jan Morris, Independent.

«Wise, timely and brilliant.» – Globe and Mail

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