Libro que me han prestado: Mind Tools por Rudy Rucker

por davidgp el 11/02/2008

De Rudy Rucker solamente leí el El Hacker y las Hormigas, libro de ciencia ficción que me había gustado en su momento. Este que tengo entre mis manos no es ciencia ficción, sino un ensayo entorno a las matemáticas, a ver si me gusta como el anterior.

Mind Tools

De la contraportada

From mathematics and computers to insights into the workings of the human mind, Mind Tools is a reflection of the latest intelligence from the frontiers of mathematical thought. Illuminated by more than 100 drawings, Mind Tools connects mathematics to the world around us. It reveals that the great power of mathematics comes from the fact that it serves as alternative language for understanding things – from one’s hand to the size of infinity. Exploring such concepts as digital versus analog processes, logic as computing tool, and communication as information transmission, Rudy Rucker presents the “mind tools” for a postmodern age.

“A lighthearted romp through contemporary mathematics… It is shorter and more approachable than Gödel, Excher, Bach… Mind Tools is a delight.” – San Francisco Chronicle.

Mind Tools is an original and fascinating look at various aspects of mathematics taht is sure to fascinate the nonmathematician.” – Isaac Asimov

“Rucker is to math what Fritjof Capra is to physics and Carla Sagan is to astronomy – a brilliant popularizer with an undisciplined imagination.” – California Magazine.

“For those who gave up college mathematics for what seemed more liberal arts, Rudy Rucker’s new book, Mind Tools, is a dazzling refresher course… He rekindles the wonder that can come from contemplating logarithms, exponential curves and transcendental numbers.” – New York Times Book Review.

Rudy Rucker is author of more than a dozen books on science and science fiction, including Infinity and the Mind of the Fourth Dimension. He is a professor of mathematics and computer sicence at San Jose State University in California.

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