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por davidgp el 09/02/2008

Tristemente hace muchísimo tiempo que no escucho podcasts, por lo que pensaba que Apple ya habría solucionado este problema con iTunes

The iPod is a marvelously well-designed product. But one of the things about it that really irritates me is the way it handles podcasts. If I’m halfway through listening to one, and I plug the iPod in to download new ones, it will remove the half-listened-to podcast from the iPod. This is so obviously the wrong behavior, and should be so easy to fix, that I find it amazing that no one at Apple has done so. It’s a shame that iTunes isn’t an open source project, because this seems like the sort of thing a competent hacker could find and fix in a weekend if she had access to the source code.

The Technology Liberation Front: Gripe.

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Sobre podcasts…
22/03/2008 a las 5:53 pm

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