Libro que me han prestado: Emergence por Steven Johnson

por davidgp el 05/02/2008

Otro libro más de Steven Johnson que pasa por mis manos y se me antoja igual de interesante que los otros dos que ya he leído…

Emergence de Steven Johnson

De la contraportada

‘Mind-expanding… intelligent, witty and tremendously thought-provoking… Popular science books interesting enough to read twice don’t como along all that often’ – Guardian

Why do people cluster together in neighbourhoods? How do Internet communities spring up from nowhere? Why is a brain conscious even though no single neuron is? What causes a media frenzy?

The answer, as Steven Johnson’s groundbreaking book shows, is emergence: change that occours from the bottom up. When enough individual elements intereact and organize themselves, the result is collective intelligence – even though no one is in charge. It is a phenomenon that exists at every level of experience, and will revolutionize the way we see the world.

‘Fascinating and timely’ – Steven Pinker

‘A dizzying, dazzling romp through fields as disparate as urba planning, computer-game design, neurology and control theory’ – Economist

‘A successful and fluent attempt to put complexity theory at the service of cultural criticism’ – Independent, Books of the year

‘A delight… clever and thought-provoking’ – Washington Post

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