Libro que me han prestado: Harvest The Fire por Poul Anderson

por davidgp el 04/02/2008

Hace mucho tiempo que no leo nada de Poul Anderson, probablemente desde que iba al instituto. La única pega que tengo para no comenzar a leer esta novela de space opera ahora mismo de un tirón es que es la segunda o tercera parte de una saga de novelas…

Harvest the Fire - Poul Anderson

De la contraportada

“With Harvest the Fire, Poul Anderson takes us again to the farthest edge of technology and human imagination” – Vernor Vinge

“We have hard-science SF authors, and we have our poets. And to our great good fortune, we have Poul Anderson, who melds the two as any bard now living. Harvest the Fire is a cornucopia of powerful ideas stylishly wrapped and, for the reader, unwrapping them is a joy” – Dean Ing

“Anderson fuses elegiac prose and a sweeping vision of man’s technological future as only he can -brilliantly. Already, at its current three-book length, this is one of the best SF future histories.” – Booklist

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