Libros que me han prestado: Everything Bad is Good for You por Steven Johnson

por davidgp el 01/02/2008

Este es el segundo libro de Steven Johnson que pasa por mis manos (el primero fue Mind Wide Open) ya la cosa promete. ¡Por fin!, si los argumentos me convencen, ya voy a tener excusa para demostrar que tirarme 30 horas seguidas delante de la tele viendo series de televisión es culturizarme…

Everthing Bad is Good for You

De la contraportada

‘We need never feel guilty about that 96-hour Grand Theft Auto session again’ – Arena

Tune in, turn on and get smarter…

The Simpsons, Desperate Housewives, The Apprentice, The Sopranos, Grand Theft Auto: we’re constantly being told that popular culture is just mindless entertaiment. But, as Steve Johnson shows, it’s actually making us more intelligent.

Everthing Bad is Good your You, one of the most talked about books of the year, puts forward a radical alternative to the endless complaints about reality TV, throwaway movies and violent video games. He shows that mass culture is actually more sophisticated and challenging than ever before. When we focus on what our minds have to do to process its complex, multilayered messages, it becomes clear that it’s not dumbing us down – but smartening us up.

‘A vital, lucid exploration of the contemporary mediascape’ – Time Out

‘Thought-provoking… very persuasive’ – Sunday Times

‘A guru for Generation Xbox’ – Financial Times

‘A blod little book… probes so interestingly into the components of modern culture’ – Zoe Williams.

‘A must-read’ – Mark Thompson, head of the BBC.

‘Incisive’ – Heat

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PJorge 01/02/2008 a las 10:55 am

Piensa bien, es el tercero 🙂

David García Pérez 01/02/2008 a las 5:52 pm

Emergence? ese aún no lo comenté en el blog, pero bueno, tienes razón, es el tercer libro que pasa por mis manos, el segundo que comento aquí

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