Libro que me han prestado: Parallel Worlds por Michio Kaku

por davidgp el 31/01/2008

Este libro lo compre a mi hermana como regalo, lo vi en su lista de los deseos y me dije, jo, esto me interesa leerlo a mí, así que se lo compro de regalo y después lo gorroneo. El problema fue que ella lo puso en su lista para tenerlo apuntado en algún lugar y así regalármelo a mí dado que creía que me podría gustar… al final el libro es de ella, y lo gorroneo yo… cosas que pasan.

Parallel Worlds

De la contraportada

‘As Michio Kaku reveals, what for 250 years was science-fiction fantasy is now the likeliest picture of reality… the journey he takes the reader on is so picturesque and the conclusions so statling that your are gripped’ – Sunday Telegraph

The world is coming to an end. But humankind’s story is only just beginning…

Imagine a future where we are not alone. Where our universe is just one of countless parallel worlds – some strangely familiar, some almost unimaginalbe. And that, when planet earth finally runs down to a cold, dark wasteland, we will be able to excape into these worlds and start again. Kaku’s thirlling guide to the galaxy shows us how it could happen sooner than we think and the future for intelligent life is one of endless possibilities.

‘Kaku brings his formidable explanatory talents to bear on one of the strangest and most exciting possibilities to have emerged from modern physics… wonderful’ – Brian Greene

‘One of the gurus of modern physics’ – Financial Times

‘Nobody who reads this book can be anything less than amazed’ – Scotland on Sunday

‘An exhilarating romp through the frontiers of cosmology’ – Martin Rees

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