Libro que me han prestado: Think por Simon Blackburn

por davidgp el 30/01/2008

Otro libro de pensamiento filosófico que cae en mis manos, el que me lo prestó creo que le gustó -al menos me dijo que lo cuidase,- a ver que tal.


De la contraportada

Think is about the big questions in life: knowledge, consciousness, fate, God, truth, goodness, justice. Lively and approachable, this book is for all those who believe that there are big questions out there, and want to learn how the basic techniques of thinking shape our existence.

‘Blackburn has produced the one book every smart person should read to understand, and even enjoy, the key questions of philosophy, ranging from those about free will and morality to what we can really know about the world around us’ – Walter Isaacson, Time Magazine

‘Simon Blackburn’s lucidly elegant essay is a guide to the most central concerns of philosophy… A beautifully clear account of the chief arguments in each debate. Blackburn is an accomplished philosopher, which makes this a valuable little book.’ – Sunday Times

‘This is a wonderfully stimulating, incisive and -the word is not too strong- thrilling introduction to the pleasures and problems of philosophy.’ -John Banville, Irish Times.

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