Libro prestado: A man without a country por Kurt Vonnegut

por davidgp el 28/01/2008

Tengo que reconocer que no conozco nada del autor, que hasta que leí la contraportada no tenía muy claro de que va el libro, pero aún así, tengo una curiosidad enorme de leerlo… a ver si puede ser esta semana…

A man without a country

De la contraportada

This is vintage Vonnegut – hilariously funny and razor-sharp as he fixis his gaze on art, politics, himself and the condition of the soul of Ameria today. Written over the last five years in the form of a loose memoir, A Man without a Country is an intimate and tender communication to us all, sometimes desparing, always searching and ultimately wise and compassionate.

‘Vonnegut’s A Man without a Country is pure lat Twain: darkly funny, never less than enraged at corruption and greed, and overflowing with compassion for the powerless. We’ve never needed him more’ – Russell Banks

‘Part memoir, part rant and part joke, Vonnegut’s lastest book is as elusive as it is beguiling. Throught this slim volume, the author walks a fine line between despair over our deteriorating world and a consummate entertainer’s urge to amuse’ – Sunday Times

A Man Without a Country is as overtly political a book as Vonnegut has written, a lament for an America that is no longer… it may be as close as Vonnegut ever comes to a memoir’ – Los Angeles Times

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