Libro que me han prestado: Hiding in the Mirror por Lawrence M. Krauss

por davidgp el 04/01/2008

Personalmente debí leer y ver una gran cantidad de historias de universos paralelos, dimensiones desconocidas… una pequeña recapitulación por un físico de todas ellas, se me antoja de lo más interesante.

Hiding in the Mirror

De la contraportada

For millennia, people have imagined, and often longed for, worlds beyond our own.

In Hidding in the Mirror, Lawrence Krauss -an international leader in pysics and cosmology and one of the most gifted and engaging of today’s writer-scientist- investigates our long and ardent romance with parallel universes, veiled dimensions, and regios of being that may extend tantalizingly beyond the limits of our perception. Krauss examines popular culture’s current embrance (and freguent misunderstanding) of such topics as black holes, life in other dimensions, strings, and some of the more extraordinary new theories that propose the existence of vast extra dimensions algonside our own, and finds in them an impassioned, although sometimes flawed, quest for beauty and, occasionally, even truth.

“An astonishing and brilliantly written work of popular science.” –Science a GoGo

“A brilliant, thrilling book… You’ll have so much fun reading taht you’ll hardly notice you’re getting a primer on contemporary physics and cosmology” – Walter Isaacson, author of Benjamin Franklin: An American Life.

“Want to expand your mind? Let it wander in new directions! You’ll find some interesting company in extra dimensions, ranging from crackpot spiritualists to earnest physics. But to keep from getting disoriented, you’ll neeed a smart and knowledgeable guide. Lawrence Krauss is your man.” -Frank Wilczek, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics.

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