Libro que me han prestado: Crimes Against Logic por Jamie Whyte

por davidgp el 14/12/2007

Aunque hace bastante tiempo que desconfío de cualquier cosa que me dice un político, periodista y demás… esta bien aprender un poco más de que estrategias o técnicas usan día a día para convencer a las personas.

Crimes Against Logic

De la contraportada

“Whets a long knife of ultra-rationalism on the cold stone of logic, and death by a thousand cuts is inflicted on prejuice, statistics, morality, religion, weasel words, and seductive sirens suchs as politicians, New Agers, advertising executives, and, of course, journalist who expect you to be persuaded by anything other than facts” – Times

“An incisive philosopher.” – Sunday Telegraph

In the daily battle for our hearts and minds -not to mention our hard-earned cash- the truth is usually the first casualty. It’s time we learned how to see through the rhetoric, faulty reasoning, and misinformation that we’re subjected to from morning ot night by talk-radio hosts, op-ed columnists, advertisers, self-help gurus, business “thinkers,” and, of course, politicians. Adn no one is better equipped to show us how than award-winning philosopher Jamie Whyte.

In Crimes Agaisnt Logic Whyte takes us on a fast-paced, ruthlessly funnyt romp thorugh the mulligan stew of cant, folderol, and bogus logic served up in the media, at the office, and even in your own home. Applying his laselike wit to dozens of timely examples, Whyte cuts through the haze of facts, figures, and double-talk and gets at the real truth behind what they’re telling us.

Jamie Whyte is a past lecturer of philosophy at Cambridge University and winner of Analysis Journal’s prestigious prize for the best article by a philosopher under thirty. He lives in London

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tboneporn 14/12/2007 a las 9:07 pm

Si, la verdad es siempre lo mas perjudicado y por ende el individuo.
No olvidemos que como dijo el gran Jean-Francois Revel “La fuerza mas poderosa que mueve el mundo es la mentira”.
Parece un libro interesante,siempre que exponga con argumentos lo que parece que dice la contraportada.
Ya nos contaras.Espero.

tboneporn 14/12/2007 a las 9:09 pm

Por norma,desconfio absolutamente del poder.Y del estado omnipotente mucho mas.

David García Pérez 14/12/2007 a las 9:16 pm

Si, tan pronto lo lea lo comento aquí, pero pueden pasar meses, que la lista de cosas pendientes por leer es muy larga 😉

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