Libro que me han prestado: Monkey por Wu Ch'êng-ên

por davidgp el 04/12/2007

Tengo que reconocer que de la literatura china soy un total desconocedor. Si mi memoria no me falla, creo que no leí nada. A ver que tal me resulta este primer contacto con ella.


De la contraportada

Wu Ch’êng-ên wrote Monkey in the middle of the sixteenth century, adding to an ancient Chinese legend his own touches of delicacy and humour.

The result is an alternative jumble of the absurd and the profound, of religion and history, of anti-bureaucratic satire and pure poetry. While the story tells of Tripitak’s journey to India and what happens on the way, its true theme is man’s pilgrimage thorugh life, with Monkey, Pigsy and Sandy symbolizing the diverse elements of human nature.

Entertaining and highly readable, Monkey is a unique blend of charm, wisdom and imagination

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