Me confunde la denominación de la serie N8x

por davidgp el 21/11/2007

At the N82 launch we asked the product manager and Nokia rep about this and the answer we basically got was: the model number a device gets is dependant of the features, price and time of release. The price of the N82 is lower at introduction to the N95 8GB and N95 and seeing that it’s a middle class device that makes sense. The feature set of the N82 comes close to the flagship devices and in some cases offers better features. If the N82 had a larger screen there would be no reason to get the N95 8GB as the microSD slot would make it more convenient, not logical at all. The time of release also seems to indicate an inconsistency: the gap between the release of the N95 8GB and N82 wasn’t that big, yet the middle class device gets Xenon flash while the flagship doesn’t? This naming scheme is just confusing and I just can’t seem to find the logic between the N8X series.

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