Libro que me han prestado: Yes, We have No Neutrons por A.K. Dewdney

por davidgp el 15/10/2007

Yes, We Have No Neutrons. An Eye-Opening Tour through the Twists and Turns of Bad Science por A. K. Dewdney, Publicado el 11 de Agosto de 1998 por Wiley, ISBN-13: 9780471295860, 192 páginas.

Otro ensayo más que me han prestado este año, en esta ocasión toca ver equivocaciones científicas que dan lugar a explicaciones totalmente equivocadas en el mundo de la ciencia actual. Promete ser divertido.

Yes, We have No Neutrons

De la contraportada

«Dewdney manages to make this catalog of error entertaining as well as instructive; good medicine for both skeptics and true believers.»

Kirkus Reviews

Yes, We have No Neutrons

In the acclaimed 200% of Nothing, A. K. Dewdney humorously uncovered the alarming shenanigans of those who use «bad math» to deceive us. Now Dewdney focuses his sharp-witted perspective on the most hallowed of human endeavors: scientific inquiry. Yes, We Have No Neutrons is an absorbing and deliciously irreverent exposé of science gone wrong, featuring eight notorious cases that range from the wacky and ridicolous to the downright disturbing.

«Written with wit and a touch of pathos-and sure to please science lovers.»

-Publishers Weekly

«A useful and easily read introduction to bad science.»

Scientific American

A.K. Dewdney is the author of 200% of Nothing, also published by Wiley, and the former «Mathematical Recreations» columnist for Scientific American

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