Libro que me han prestado: The Science of Doctor Who

por davidgp el 03/10/2007

Para los que me siguen en el blog y algunos que me conocen ya saben que soy un fan incondicional de la serie británica de ciencia ficción Doctor Who. Un libro que explicase científicamente todo lo que aparece en la serie no podía escapárseme de mis manos…

The science of doctor who

Have you ever wondered if a sonic scrwdriver could really work? How Cybermen make little Cyberment? Or where the toilets are on the Tardis?

Doctor Who arrived on TV screens in 1963. Since then, across light-years and thorugh millennia, the journeys of the Time Lord have shown us alien worlds, strange life-forms, futuristic technology and mind-bending cosmic phenomena. Viewers cowered terrified of Daleks, were amazed with the wonders of time travel, and sped through black holes into other universes and new dimensions.

The breadth and imagination of Doctor’s adventures have made the show one of science fiction’s truly monumental sucess stories. BBC Focus editor Paul Parsons explains the scientific reality behind the fiction.

‘Who fans old and new will delight in this treasure trove of ideas presented by a writer who is clearly a fan as well as being a scientis.’ John Gribbin

‘I enjoyed [this book] imensely. It is as instructive as it is entertaining. I suggest that you buy a copy.’ Sir Patrick Moore, Times Higher Education Supplement.

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