Nueva adquisición: The Fourth Bear por Jasper Fforde

por davidgp el 24/09/2007

Las novelas de Jasper Fforde se han convertido en unos de mis descubrimientos favoritos de este año. Esta es su segunda novela publicada de la saga de libros de guardería, aún no leí la primera, pero si son como las de la saga de Thursday Next, la diversión está más que asegurada.

The fourth Bear - Jasper Fforde

De la contraportada

‘Best-selling Fforde’s hilarious, absurd and utterly compelling new series’ Mirror

The Gigerbreadman ~ psychopath, genius, convicted murderer and biscuit ~is loose on the streets of Reading

But it isn’t Jack Spratt’s case. Enforced non-involvement looks to be frustrating, until a chance encounter at the oddly familiar Dêjà Vu Club leads them into the hunt of the missing journalist Henrietta ‘Goldy’ Hatchett, star reporter for The Daily Toad.

The last witnesses to see her alive where the Three Bears, comfortably living a life of rural solitude in Andersen’s wood. But all is not what it seems. Are the unexplained explosions around the world related to a missing nuclear scientist? How dangerous can cucumber-growing be?

And most important of all: how could the bears’ porridge be at such disparate temperatures whey tehy were poured at the same time?

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