por davidgp el 14/09/2007

Sobre los tonos de llamada del iPhone se ha dicho

Question 2: If I buy and download a pop song legitimately, shouldn’t I be able to trigger playback any way I want? Why must I pay one fee to play it by tapping Play, and a second fee to play it when someone calls my phone?

It just makes no sense.

David Pogue: A Baffling Phenomenon: Customized Ringtones

Perhaps, if enough people complain, we will drop this policy at some point in the future and make ringtones free. And maybe, at that point, we will offer anyone who paid 99 cents for a ringtone a retroactive partial rebate in the form of a fifty-cent store credit. I’ve got Phil Schiller working on this right now.

Fake Steve Jobs: I hate to say it, but Gruber is right about ringtones

Vía: Daring Fireball

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