Libros que me han prestado: Why Truth Matters por Ophelia Benson y Jeremy Stangroom

por davidgp el 05/09/2007

Realmente el título del libro me ha resultado de lo más interesante, y básicamente por el se puede deducir de que va a tratar cada uno de sus capítulos.

Las etiquetas que se ven en la fotos son de quien me lo prestó… supongo que algunos ya os daréis cuenta de quién es…

Why Truth Matters

De la contraportada

Truth has always been a central preoccupation of philosophy in all its forms and traditions. However, in the late twentieth century truth became suddenly rather unfashionable. The precedence iven to assorted political and ideological angendas, along with the rise of relativism, postmodernism and pseudoscience in academia, led to a decline both of truth as a serious subject, and an intellectual tradition that began with the Enlightenment.

Why Truth Matters is a timely, incisive and entertaining look at how and why modern thought and culture lost sight of the importance of truth. It is also an eloquent and inspiring argument for restoring truth ot its rightful place. Opheilia Benson and Jeremy Stangroom, editors of the successful website -itself established to ‘fight fashionable nonsense’ -identify and debunk such nonsense and the spurious claims made for it, in all its forms. Their account ranges over religious fundamentalism, Holocaust denial, the challenges of postmodernism and deconstruction, the wilful misinterpretation of evolutionary biology, identity politics and wishful thingking.

Why Truth Matters is both a rallying cry for the Enlightenment vision and an essential read for anyone who has ever been bored, frustrated, bewildered or plain enraged by the worst excesses of the fashionable intelligentsia.

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