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por davidgp el 30/08/2007

Steven Johnson intenta darnos unas penciladas de lo que sucede habitualmente en nuestras mentes, como conseguimos tomar decisiones, como algunos miedos nos pueden paralizar, como conseguimos centrarnos en un ambiente lleno de distracciones… todo ello desde las partes del cerebro involucradas pasando por los componentes químicos que intervienen.

El propio autor advierte que esta simplificando mucho el tema que explica, que realmente pasan muchas cosas en nuestras cabezas que no explica y aún muchas más que desconocemos. Pero resulta muy interesante ver la estructura modular de nuestro cerebro, y la importancia relativa que tiene cada modulo según el momento. Como los diversos componentes químicos que se segregan en el mismo nos inducen desde tristeza hasta felicidad. Como inconscientemente nuestra mente guarda recuerdos traumáticos para su posterior uso como aprendizaje y supervivencia en caso de que se repitan situaciones parecidas.

De la contraportada

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«Celebrates the brain’s complexity and wonder even as it demonstrates that you can get to know your mind better than you ever thought.» –Kirkus Reviews

In this nationally bestselling, compulsively readable account of what makes brain science a vital component of people’s quest to know themselves, acclaimed science writer Steven Johnson subjects his own brain to a bettery of tests to find out what’s really going on inside. He asks

  • How do we «read» other people?
  • What is the neurochemistry behind love and sex?
  • What does it mean that the brain is teeming with powerful chemicals closely related to recreational drugs?
  • Why does music move us to tears?
  • Where do breakthrough ideas come from?

Johnson answers these and many more questions arising from the events of our everyday lives. You do not have to be a neuroscientist to wonder, for example, why do you smile? And why do you sometimes smile inappropriately, even if you don’t want to? How do others read your inappropriate smile? How does such interplay occur neurochemically, and what, if anything, can you do about it?

Fascinating and rewarding, Mind Wide Open speaks to brain buff, self-obsessed neurotics, barstool psychologists, mystified parents, grumpy spouses, exasperated managers, and anyone who enjoys speculating and gossiping about the motivations and behaviors of other human beings. Steven Johnson shows us the transformative power of understanding brain science and offers new modes of introspection and tools for better parenting, better relationships, and better living.

Steven Johnson is the bestselling author of Interface Culture, Emergence, and Everything Bad is Good fo You as well as a columnist for Discover and a contributing editor at Wired. He lives in New York City with his wife and two sons, and can be reached via the web at www.stevenberlinjohnson.com

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