Serie que me han prestado: Extras

por davidgp el 22/08/2007

Me prestaron los dvds de esta serie recomendándomela mucho. Tengo que decir que no sabía nada de ella y de lo poco que he visto de Extras me ha encantado. Cuando termine de verla, ya la comento en más profundidad, pero si tenéis oportunidad de verla, no la desaprovechéis.

Jobsworth: …Whoa. Where are you going? You can’t come on here, it’s actors only.
Andy: I am an actor
Jobsworth: No, you’re background. Your bus is over there. This is for actors.
Andy: I am an actor.
Jobsworth: No, your voucher’s green, that means you’re background.
Andy: Right. So you’re judging my entire career on the colour of my badge.
Jobsworth: No, I’m sure you’ve had major roles in other things.
Maggie: He hasn’t.
Andy: Shut up.


De la carátula

“Gervals is marvellous” – Radio Times

“A televisual comedy masterclass” – The Observer

“The creators of The Office have struck gold again” – The Sun

Meet Andy Millman, Actor.

Never forgets his lines because he never gets any.

Andy (Ricky Gervals) is a desperate man. He’s been an actor for five years but thanks to his useless agent (Stephen Merchant), he’s never done any acting.

Instead he’s just a lowly film extra, walking around in the background while the stars do their lines.

Andy’s only friend in the world is Maggie (Ashley Jenson), a fellow extra and a hopeless romantic. While Maggie pursues the mand of her dreams, Andy decides he’ll do whatever it takes to get himself noticed.

Each episode takes place on a different film set and features cameos from guest starts including Ben Stiller, Samuel L Jackson, Ross Kemp, Kate Winslet, Lee Dennis and Patrick Stewart.

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Juan Diego 22/08/2007 a las 12:20 pm

¿No te la habrán regalado?

David García Pérez 22/08/2007 a las 12:22 pm

No, de esta estoy seguro que quiere los dvds de vuelta…

Juan Diego 22/08/2007 a las 12:23 pm


carla 03/09/2007 a las 10:52 pm

Prison break!!!!!!! la mejor serie!! ¡VOTA LA PAGINA DE WENTWORTH MILLER! –>

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