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The elitists think they’re helping themselves when they attack a book that everybody loves. I’ve read comments about how the Harry Potter books are “full of cliches” or “not real literature.”

But as far as I can tell, this only proves that the critics who say such things are incompetent: They are no longer capable of reading as members of our culture. They are aliens; they have emigrated; they live in another world, and it’s time for us to stop paying attention to them.

They don’t know what “cliche” is – or they wouldn’t have uttered the cliche of saying that a work of popular literature is “full of cliches.” They wouldn’t recognize real creativity if it set up housekeeping under their kitchen table – they are still calling “experimental” academic-literary novels that are trotting out the same experiments that were done by James Joyce and Virginia Woolf.

If you love the Harry Potter books, then you are part of the best of contemporary American literature, not because the books have sold so phenomenally well, but because they are so phenomenally good, and millions upon millions of people have recognized it.

Uncle Orson and the Deathly Hallows

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