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In short, the Pentagon must loose the fateful lightning of its terrible swift sword against all who have no appetite for Big Macs; and what these people ought to understand is that they are being pulverised for their own good, since the forcible imposition of American burger joints is the guarantor of their future peace and security. For, according to Friedman, no two countries that have a McDonald’s ever fight a war against each other.


Many ‘anti-globalisation protesters’ miss this essential point: the problem is not globalistation per se, but the fact that the rules of the game have been set by the winning side -which, while enforcing them elsewhere, feels no obligation to apply them to its own conduct.


At times of economic slowndown, even uder presidents who denigrate the role of government, the US will increase its deficit to finance expansionary fiscal and monetary policies. Yet when a developing country encounters the same problem, the IMF insists on stern contractionary measures that push it further into recession.


When poorer nations try to assert their own national sovereignty, by contrast, they are punished for impeding free trade and the movement of capital.

How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered the World por Francis Wheen

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