Libro que me han dado: The Geek Handbook por Mikki Halpin

por davidgp el 11/07/2007

No estoy muy seguro si cuando me dieron este libro era para mí o para que se lo preste a la siguiente persona con la que salga, dado que claramente el Geek soy yo. El libro es del 2000, pero supongo que los consejos que darán seguirán siendo igualmente válidos.

The Geek Handbook

De la contraportada

He has reached every level of Myst. Her room is littered with sodas cans. He idolizes Data from Star Trek. But all your favorite geek really wants is to be understood…

Whether you’re friends with a geek, work with one, love one, or hate one, THE GEEK HANDBOOK proveds handy instructions for analyzing and understanding all things geek, including:

  • How Your Geek Relates to Others: Geek organizations and gathering spots.
  • Getting Your Geek to Exercise: Klingon martial arts as workout strategy.
  • The Geek Diet: Soda, pizza, and other geek food groups; how to help your geek thrive.

«Timely, funny… genuinely useful… I laughed out loud.» -Jon Katz, author of Geeks: How Two Lost Boys Rode the Internet Out of Idaho.

«This book may save your relationship. Better yet, it may help you get in touch with your own inner geek.» -Eric S. Raymond, author of The New Hacker’s Dictionary.

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