Libro que me han regalado: Dude, Where's my country? por Michael Moore

por davidgp el 25/05/2007

Hace como más de un año que me debí leer el último libro de Michael Moore. En este libro le toca el turno a la administración republicana de Bush. Supongo que mucho de lo que leeré ya lo vi en su penúltima película, pero no por ello dejará de ser una lectura menos divertida.


De la contraportada:

‘The angrier Moor gets, the funnier he gets. Sensational’

San Francisco Chronicle

He’s the scourge of Stupid White Men everywhere. He’s taken on fat cats, gun nuts and lying politicians. And now he’s going to do what we’d all love to and kick Bush’s butt from here to kingdom come. Yes, Mike’s back…

Remeber when we all thought it couldn’t get much worse? Before bomb-happy Bush and his best friend Tony waged a war that no-one (in their right mind) wanted? Before the pockets of the rich got greased even further? Well now we’re Bushwhacked. It’s time for Dubya to head for the hills, and Mike’s on a mission to smoke him out – and help ordinary people get their country back. He also trashes Murdoch’s media; campaigns for a President Oprah; reveals the truth about his Oscar Shock and Awe; and offers handy tips on ‘How to Talk to Your Concervative Brother-in-Law’!

Hilarious, rollicking, outrageous and in-your-face, Dude, Where’s my country? could just change your life…

‘Mooris is a wake-up call, a kick in the mental backside’


‘Savagely hilarious… angry, side-splitting’

Irish Times

‘Caustic, brakneck, tell-it-like-it-is… He’s a genuine populist; a twenty-first century pamphleteer’


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