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por davidgp el 31/03/2007

Un amigo haciendo sitio para nuevos libros en su casa me ha pasado los siguientes para la mía


Image of The State of the UniverseThe State of the Universe por Pedro G. Ferreira.

Today’s model of an expanding Universe -the big bang cosmology- is actually built on principles derived from a few simple mathematical equations. Gravity -warped spaced- time, quantum mechanics, the physics of the subatomic- these crucial insights, stemming from Einstein’s revolutionary theories of relativity, have led to a simple and elegant framework within which the whole of the Universe, over billions of years, has been described. But recent evidence has begun to make wrinkles in the neat fabric of the big bang cosmology. There is now overwhelming evidence thath there is far more stuff in the Universe than we can see. And it now appears that the expansion of the Universe is accelerating: something out there -some exotic dark energy- is acting against gravity to push space and time apart.

While offering a critical view of how all the pieces in our current model fit together, Pedro Ferreira argues that Einstein’s Universe may be just another stepping stone towards a new, more profound and efffective cosmology in the future.

Image of Minds, Machines, and the MultiverseMinds, Machines, and the Multverse por Julian Brown

«Quantum computation could revolutionize the information age and trigger as big an impact on society as the conventional computer. It promises to transform not just science and technology but our very understanding of reality -both real and virtual. With extraordinary skill, Julian Brown explains the important but subtle topic in surprisingly comprehensible terms. His meticulous technical discussion is embellished with personal anecdotes and humorous commentary. A masterpiece of scientific exposition, and must for anyone wishing to keep abreast of cutting-edge research.»

-Paul Davies, author of The Fifth Miracle and God and the New Physics.

«this is a wonderful book and a lucid engaging introduction to many of the most fundamental and surprising aspects of quantum mechanics.»

-Norman Margolis, Research Professor. Center for Computational Science, Boston University.

«An eminently readable acount of recent developments in quantum information science, their philosophical implications, and what (if any) relation quantum mechanics might have to human consciousness.»

-Charles H. Bennett, IBM Fellow, Thomas J. Watson Research Center

«A remakably well-written account of this exciting new paradigm that could change forever our views on computing. Highly recommended.»

-Gilles Brassard, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, and Professor of Computer Science, University of Montreal.

«From the secret life of atoms to the mysteries of the mind, Brown provides an highly accessible guide to the ways in which the universe computes.»

-Seth Lloyd, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, MIT.

Image of A Shortcut Through TimeA Shortcut Throught Time – The Path to the Quantum Computer por George Johnson

«Using metaphors instead of mathematics, George Johnson brings clarity to the strange world of the quantum computer.»

Scientific American

He makes you smart and quantum computer real.»

-Kevin Kelly, Wired

«Lucid and accessible… Johnson does a fine job of telling a story that makes sense both to those who are completely at home in the mathematical theory of the subatomic world and to those whose reaction to the theory is abject terror… A beguiling combination of clarity and enthusiasm.»

New Scientist

In this remakrably illustrative and thoroughly accessible look at one of the most intriguing frontiers in science and computers, award-winning New York Time writer George Johnson reveals the fascinating world of quantum computing -the holy grail of supercomputers where the computing power of single atoms is harnassed to create machines capable of almost unimaginable calculations in the blink of an eye.

As computer chips continue to shrink in size, scientist anticipate the end of the road: a computer in which each swithc is comprised of a single atom. Such a device would operate under a different set of physical laws -the laws of the quantum mechanics. Johnson gently leads the curious outsider thorught the surprisingly simple ideas neeeded to understand this dream, discussing the current state of revolution, and ultimately assessing the awesome poewer these machines could have to change our world.

Image of Isaac NewtonIsaac Newton: Una Vida por Richard S. Westfall

Isaac Newton fue, indicutiblemente, uno de los más grandes científicos de la historia. Sus logros en el terreno de la matemática y la física representaron la culminación del movimiento percusor de la ciencia moderna. La biografía que presenta Richard Westfall desarrolla con todo detalle tanto su vida privada como su carrera científica, y ofrece un complejo retrato de Newton como hombre, como científico, filósofo, teólog, alquimista y figura pública, presidente de la Royal Society and Warden of the Royal Mint. Es la biografía más comprensible sobre esta gran figura.


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